The Showings

Buyers usually decide within two minutes whether they like your house. The first impression is often the lasting impression.  Many buyers are unable to overcome a poor first impression.  Our job is to do everything possible to create  a good impression initially, so the buyers can see the value that your house offers.

Showing Checklist:

Clean, trim yard, hedge and gardens
Clean sidewalks and driveway
Shades and curtains open & lights on everywhere
Confine pets out of the way
Something special for the entry?
Radio and TV off.  Stereo, maybe, with something soft at a low volume
Put away the clutter of everyday activities
Carpets and throw rugs laying properly, for safety
Beds made and closets straightened
Bathroom mirrors, sinks, showers, tubs & bowls extra clean, w/ fresh towels
Stairways properly lighted and free of clutter
Finger prints cleaned from windows and conspicuous places
Fireplace clean
Check laundry area
Check garage and work areas
Check backyard and around the house
Clean furnace and water heater
Check for odors and unpleasant smells
Kitchen sink, counters, and appliances extra clean with dishes put away

Helpful Hints:

Make sure all locks are in working order
Repair faucets , switches, door knobs and handrails
Consider storing small items of value
Create an out of the way place for rx. drugs, jewelry & other valuables
DO NOT admit anyone without an appointment
Expect a business card from everyone who shows your house
Refer all inquiries to me or my office
If possible, leave the house during a showing taking children & pets.
If unable to leave, stay out of the way & trust the agent to show your house.